Salesman uses troops to scam residents

This guy is a puke. He's, as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman might say, so ugly inside he could be a modern art masterpiece.

Around 8:30 p.m. yesterday, an unidentified man went door-to-door on Johnson Farm Lane in Concord Township selling magazines that he said would support troops overseas, according to state police. Not only would the proceeds from the magazines support the troops, but the company would also send magazines to troops as well.

It was later determined that the "company" was a scam but by that time, the "salesman" was already long gone.

Aside from resembling a pile of puke and a modern art masterpiece, the snake oil salesman is described as a white man, about 20 years old and between 5-feet-10 and 6 feet with a heavy build.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is urged to call state police in Media at 484-840-1000.