Friday, May 22, 2015

Mountain lion spotted in Upper Darby?

Upper Darby's animal warden is searching for a reported mountain lion near Drexelbrook Apartments. Is this the lion that scared off "Thelma & Louise," the alleged teenage burglars?

Mountain lion spotted in Upper Darby?

Random mountain lion
Random mountain lion

Just got off the phone with Matt Verdi, assistant director of the Upper Darby Health Department, who says he has dispatched the township animal warden to Drexelbrook Apartments to check on the reported sighting of a mountain lion.

They haven't found anything yet.

"Something of that nature is beyond my animal warden’s ability. We’re not equipped for that," Verdi said. "I told him if he does see it to call the state game warden."

An astute editor, which all Daily News editors are by nature, raised a good question: Could this be the same lion that Upper Darby's alleged thieving lesbians, "Thelma & Louise," insist put an end to their summertime burglary spree? To that, I say this blog is not above publishing reckless speculation.

Hey, maybe he's right. 

Will update when more information becomes available.

UPDATE: I ran the above theory past Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. "Funny you should say that, I thought the same thing, " he said, "but we don't have anything."

Chitwood said they are treating the mountain lion sighting as unfounded.

"We believe it was a large dog," he said.

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