DA: Hotel clerk gave herself points to steal from SkyMall

That's a lot of cherub table clocks and baroque luxury pet bowls.

A former Delaware County hotel sales manager has been accused of giving herself hotel rewards points which she then used to illegally purchase more than $100,000 worth of items from SkyMall, according to authorities.

Tia McNeill

While employed with the Tinicum Township Renaissance hotel, which is an affiliate of the Marriott hotels, Tia McNeill, 34, of King of Prussia, manipulated the hotel's point system and created six different accounts to award herself Marriott points that she then redeemed for $103,294 worth of SkyMall online purchases, prosecutors said.

McNeill allegedly conspired with Christopher Jordan Jr., an assistant director of basketball operations at Georgia State University in Atlanta, to then sell the items for cash, according to prosecutors. Jordan said he met McNeill when his team would travel to Philadelphia and stay at the hotel where McNeill worked, court documents said.

On top of the points and SkyMall thefts, McNeill is also facing charges for stealing Marriott Visa credit cards and submitting false reimbursement forms to her employer, damages of which amount to $30,956, according to investigators.

McNeill was taken into custody this afternoon at her new job at the Sheraton Hotel in Townson, Md., and charged with theft, receiving stolen property and related offenses, prosecutors said.