Cops: Drunk guys lock themselves in lawman's van

Here's a couple of stupid criminals to brighten your Monday morning.

Jersey boys Ryan Letchford, 21, and Jeffrey Olsen, 22, were attending a party at a condominium in Radnor when they wandered down to the parking lot and broke into a constable's van to take stupid photos, according to police.

The trouble came when the drunk men locked themselves inside, police said. Read the full story from today's Daily News here.

Constable Mike Connor, though mad, had a wonderful sense of humor about the whole thing. He sent me a photo of the cage inside of his van where he holds criminals and where, as he says, "dumb and dumber" got caught.

He's got a great collection of bumper stickers on the cage. Criminals he transports read such friendly greetings as "Ahhh, I see the Screwup Fairy has visited us again" and "Whoa. This is like a live reality show."