Chester Twp. police chief guilty of theft, forgery

Booker T., why’d you do it, man?

Former Chester Township Police Chief Booker T. Wilson, previously known as a “good dude” with a cool name, has joined the crowded list of esteemed Delaware Countians to make the transition from public servant to felon.

DD booker T. wilson

Wilson, who was scheduled to go on trial today, instead pleaded guilty to felony charges of forgery and receiving stolen property, according to state prosecutors.

He was charged (nearly two years ago) with “allegedly stealing an insurance check from a halfway-house resident and using it as a down payment on a Cadillac Escalade,” my colleague Stephanie Farr reported at the time of his arrest.

It was an open plea today, meaning Wilson’s sentence will be determined by the court. No sentencing date has been scheduled. We’ll have more in tomorrow’s Daily News.