The Black Eagles of Istanbul

During the overseas flight, I was made aware upon landing (by Twitter), that the 76ers lost to the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night, dropping them to 2-10, worst in the Eastern Conference. Not having the ability to comment on that loss is probably a good thing.

Allen Iverson is on the court here at BJK Akatlar Arena, practicing with the Black Eagles of Istanbul. Today is the team's second practice of the day, and you can be sure the 76ers were never practicing twice a day during Iverson's tenure (exept for training camp, of course). He's all smiles here today, though, and has participated in the entire practice.

I've posted three videos of the facility and of Iverson at practice. All three should be in the video player below on the right, while one should be embedded in this post. We're here in Istanbul to check out Sunday's game against cross-town rival, which was supposed to be Iverson's opener, but which will now be his second game here in Turkey.

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More later, once recovered from the flight.


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