Nightcap 2

It's getting challenging to think of clever names for these blog posts ...

Before we dive into what happened during tonight's session, just a heads up that the Sixers announced tonight they will practice only once, beginning at 11:00 a.m. and going until 2:30 p.m. (although my money is on that ending much earlier). Because of the time switch, we'll be moving the Live Chat to 3 p.m. I'll post a link first thing tomorrow with how to enter that chat.

Also, if you're looking for more detailed info from yesterday's sessions or this morning's session, we have posted videos from each day as well as in-depth coverage. Just scroll back through the blog. You can't miss it.

Okay, tonight's action.

NEWS: Andre Iguodala still didn't practice, although he was walking around without a limp and took a few shots after practice ended. Mo Cheeks said afterwards that "He'll probably practice tomorrow."

It appears as if the wear-and-tear of which Cheeks has been speaking (i.e. guys getting tired and sore) is in effect. Nothing big to report just more guys looking ragged than yesterday. (Eight hours on the court, at their intensity, is a heck of a long time.)

"They're tired, not hurt," Cheeks said. "Their bodies are hurting. No matter what you do to get ready, it happens to everyone."

MORE NEWS: Cheeks specifically mentioned that Kareem Rush shot the heck out of the ball during the night session. He also said Donyell Marshall hit some shots, too.

"We're trying to get out and run with Rush and Marshall spreading the floor," Cheeks said. "Kareem made a ton of shots tonight and with Elton on the block that really spreads things out."

(Okay, here's my input: Wow. Kareem really seems to be making an impression. We'll have to wait to see what happens Friday night during the open scrimmage.)

Cheeks said he wants to get the running/conditioning in during basketball drills rather than just lining the guys up on the sideline for "17s" (which he did this morning). Obviously it's better mentally for the guys to get conditioning in while playing. Plus, it's more fun.

Once tonight's practice ended, a lot of guys stuck around to work on things. A shirtless Reggie Evans worked his post moves on one basket while Elton Brand did the same at the other. Andre Miller was shooting free throws.

Alright, there it all is. Now it's time for dinner. Not sure what it will be tonight -- Olive Garden? How can one go wrong with bottomless breadsticks? The answer? One can't.

Until tomorrow morning ...

-- Kate

p.s. Good win for the Phillies.