It's Official: Speights Inactive


The 76ers just confirmed that rookie Marreese Speights will be on the Inactive List for tonight's season opening game against the Toronto Raptors.

Speights had an impressive preseason, starting the last preseason game against the New Jersey Nets. Cheeks did not speak further about the decision to deactive Speights.

Also, Royal Ivey is serving the second game of a three-game suspension incurred last season. Ivey will not be in the arena tonight or on Friday.

The Sixers will have 11 eligible players.

Here are the offensive points as listed on the Sixers' pre-game whiteboard: Push the ball, execute, spacing, set screens to get people open, attack basket don't settle for jumpers, take care of the ball, throw ahead, swing the basketball.

I probably won't list those every pre-game because, I think you'd find, they're often the same.

Tonight's starters: point guard Andre Miller, shooting guard Andre Iguodala, small forward Thaddeus Young, power forward Elton Brand, center Sam Dalembert.

Photos: The first photo is Donyell Marshall taking some 3-pointers from the top of the key. The second is Jose Calderon, whom many of you might remember from the Spanish National team that played in the Beijing Olympics this summer ... and gave the U.S. a very tough game.

Cheeks on opening night: "I don't necessarily get crazy. I think players are more into the first game because they've been practicing. We all realize it's one of many games."

Be back later ...