Day 4

It's already Day 4 here in State College. It's freezing today, not even 55 degrees.

Great, now that the weather update is out of the way, onto the 76ers. They're scheduled to practice from 11 a.m. until, hmmmm, maybe 12:30-1 p.m. would be my guess. It should be shorter because tonight is the open scrimmage on the Bryce Jordan Center floor from 6:30-8 p.m. I'll be anxious to see the turnout from the Penn State students. It's also alumni weekend, so there is the potential for a decent crowd.

Here is what we're looking at for today's coverage: Live Chat at 3 p.m. I love adding links to my blogs, just because I learned how, and I like to flaunt my technological savvy. So if you'd like to join the discussion at 3 p.m., click here: Sixers Chat.

We just posted the Day 3 video -- should be the blog post before this one. Check it out. Nice dunk from Iguodala and a great exchange between Reggie Evans and Mo Cheeks.

I don't think too much information will be coming out of today's first practice. Tonight will be key.

127: You're right about the local coffee shop. I need to get away from Starbucks, but I always seem to have a gift card ...

Be back later ...

-- Kate