Day 2

Ah, we're back at the Bryce Jordan Arena. I actually did get a steak at Outback last night, which is only pertinent because as I was leaving I saw Theo Ratliff and Willie Green decked out in Sixers' sweats and looking kinda tired. Must have been those 17's head coach Maurice Cheeks had them running yesterday. That and -- maybe -- the four-plus hours of court time.

Anyway, we're set for Day 2. The team is again practicing this morning from 10-12. The gym should be opened up around 11:30, after which we'll run a live chat at 1 p.m. I know things are busy back in Philly, folks getting geared up for Game 1 of the NLDS, but we'll answer any questions you have on how the Sixers are looking. If you want to join, click here: Sixers Chat.

Here are a few story lines we'll be keeping an eye on during and after this morning practice:

Is Kareem Rush still playing with the "first team"? Yesterday, Rush joined point guard Andre Miller, small forward Andre Iguodala, power forward Elton Brand, and center Samuel Dalembert on what can only be consider the first team (although, of course, Mo says otherwise). My best guess would be that the lineup would be shuffled today.

Who is in shape? It's still a little early -- most guys will be hanging in on pure adrenaline and enthusiasm -- but towards the end of the morning practice and especially the night practice, guys might begin dragging. As Mo said, this will surely come into play on Day 3 and 4.

Marreese Speights. We didn't talk too much about the rookie yesterday, mostly because there wasn't a lot to say. Today, we'll try and see where he is being placed, on which team, during any drills open to the public. Yesterday he was running with what looked like the third team. Typical starting spot for a rookie on such a deep squad.

Until later ...

-- Kate

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