Collins evasive before Washington game

When asked before Friday’s game about Thursday’s report in the Inquirer that the 76ers front office hopes that Collins will resign and that they don’t want to offer him another extension,  Collins said that he felt he had the support of ownership.

“Absolutely,” Collins said when asked about Majority owner Josh Harris’ support.

But he didn’t want to stay on that subject.

“Let’s move forward to the basketball game. We have four more games to play,” Collins said. I’ve told you all along I am not the topic of conversation. We’re going to focus in on the games and we’re going to play those. We’ll sit down at the end of the season, as we’ve always done. I have a good relationship with Josh Harris, and we will discuss what we need to do next year.

Collins was asked repeatedly by reporters but refused to address the report, which cited multiple sources.