What's Up with White House Office of Urban Policy?

So it’s a week into the new Obama administration and still no word on when the new president will appoint a director for the promised White House Office of Urban Policy.

With roughly 80 percent of the nation’s residents living in metropolitan areas, urban policy experts have stressed the importance of cities to the nation’s economy. Obama received praise for his campaign pledge to create an office of urban policy in the white house.

Obama, who worked as a community organizer early in his career, is expected to be better for cities than the previous administration. Back in October, when he toured Philly, Obama told a crowd in Germantown: "If we can rebuild Baghdad, we can certainly rebuild Philadelphia.”

So what’s the holdup? Rumors have been circulating for months that the director job will go Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion. But so far no appointment has been made. And there no details have been released on the size or scope of the office.

We called the White House Press Office to ask about the status of the urban policy office and got nothing. We’ll keep you posted...