Seth Williams Defends DA Candidacy in Court

This just in from our colleague Bob Warner:

Seth Williams testified again this morning about his campaign finance practices, defending his candidacy against a bid to knock him off the ballot.

Judge Allen Tereshko heard brief arguments from attorney George Bochetto, representing challengers allied with the Dan McCaffery campaign, and Abbe Fletman, representing Williams.

The judge said he expected to rule by the end of the day Tuesday.

The main issue in the challenge is whether Williams should have listed his own campaign organization as a source of income in 2008. Williams's campaign finance reports listed $9,760 worth of checks to Williams's wife, Sonita. Williams said it was all to reimburse him for out-of-pocket campaign expenses. His lawyers say the reimbursement was not income and didn't have to be listed on the personal finance disclosures required of every candidate.