Rendell: State Likely To Apply For Federal Aid To Help With Snow

Gov. Rendell today said he expects the state to apply for federal aid to help municipalities overwhelmed by the cost of snow removal – including Philly.

“It is my anticipation we will be filing for emergency federal disaster aid,” Rendell said, noting that Mayor Nutter had told him that Philadelphia snow removal costs were likely to hit $15 million.

According to Rendell, states must meet certain criteria to receive aid, including having a record snow fall. He said the application is due March 7 and a response should come in 60 to 90 days. Most snow-related expenses would be eligible for reimbursement, Rendell said.

Rendell today also announced that some scheduled state payments will be made early to municipalities, to help ease cash problems that have developed due to unexpected snow costs.

Earlier this week, the city projected a total snow cost of $11.5 million, but stressed that the number was not final. The city had not budgeted for snow -- a decision Rendell said he understood.

"Based on the previous years, I think it's a decision based on sound evidence," Rendell said. "Philly is not the only city taken unawares."