Nutter Wows Mayors Conference

Mayor Nutter has also been attending the U.S. Conference of Mayors, chatting with leaders from other cities about crime control and education reform.

He was also elected to the organization's Advisory Board, a body of more than 20 mayors who play a role in guiding the organization and advocating for policy on the national stage.

Nutter said he was encouraged to run for the position.

"I think that given Philadelphia's prominence and strategic location, I think it’s important for the city to play a more prominent role in the conference of mayors," Nutter said.

Asked about Sen. Barack Obama's speech -- in which he said cities shouldn't expect more federal aid, according to a New York Times report -- Nutter said only that federal funding is key to improving cities.

"I didn’t hear the speech. I’ve heard different variations on what the senator said and what it meant to different people," Nutter said. "Clearly the federal government must step up from a resource and a funding standpoint."