Nutter: State Budget Will Have Negative Impact on City

Mayor Nutter today said Gov.Corbett’s budget would take a serious toll on Philadelphia, with a “negative impact on children, some of our most vulnerable populations… as well as jobs related to higher education."

Nutter said it would take weeks to precisely break down how the cuts in Corbett’s $27.3 billion budget would impact Philadelphia, but he said slashing funds for schools, some social services and higher education would hit the city hard. Speaking from Harrisburg, where he attended the budget address, Nutter questioned how the public will react to the state spending place.

“It was no real surprise there,” Nutter said. “How does the fiscal discipline ultimately impact? Is the public really prepared to accept this kind of pain and sacrifice? If the school district isn’t able to provide full day kindergarten, people are going to feel some kind of way about it.”

Nutter introduced his $3.46 billion budget, which featured no major spending cuts or tax hikes, last week. He said it was too soon to say if Corbett’s cuts would force him to reconsider and propose new taxes or cuts.

“It’s still too early to try and predict something like that,” Nutter said. “We will do our analysis of the budget as it relates to the city. We will have to come to whatever conclusions we come to.”