Nutter Reacts to Liczbinski Verdict

Here's the press release:


Philadelphia, July 28 – Following the verdict of a Common Pleas jury earlier today finding two defendants guilty in the first degree murder of Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, Mayor Michael A. Nutter issued the following statement:

“At this time, our focus is on Sgt. Steve Liczbinski and his wife and family. Nothing that has happened today can take away the pain and anguish all of us have felt since May 3, 2008 when Steve was assassinated. My prayers and thoughts are with Steve’s wife, Michelle, and their children Matt, Stephen and Amber and their families. We’ve lost a hero and a good man who for 12 years served the public with honor, bravery and fidelity.

The jury will now be instructed by Common Pleas Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes to begin deliberations in the penalty phase to determine whether the two convicted defendants will face death by lethal injection or life in prison without parole. We all await the jury’s decision.”