No more 'Bulldogging' people on Brett Mandel's budget web site.

We here at PhillyClout world headquarters were having some fun a little more than a week ago when we coined a term for politicians and city employees using a new online budget tool from City Controller candidate Brett Mandel to look themselves up.  It sounded like Googling yourself.  And Mandel's mascot is a bulldog.  So we said people in City Hall now had to "bulldog themselves."

Sadly, that is no more.  Mandel tells Technically Philly on Monday that he has taken down individual city employee salary information in a show of "abundant" caution.  Apparently the easy access to information that is public by law made some people queasy.

You can still hunt the web site for curiosities from the fiscal year 2012 city budget.  Let us know if you find something fun.