New Guy Studies Up On Slots

Andy Altman, the new deputy mayor for planning and economic development, said yesterday that he needs to study up on two of the most controversial proposed projects in the city – two casinos on the Delaware riverfront.
“I haven’t even jumped in yet,” Altman said after he was sworn in yesterday. “I have to learn everything about it. There’s a lot going on.”
But it’s not like the guy is completely in the dark.  As a 10-year-old schoolboy in Germantown, Altman drew up plans for the waterfront that included a lot of parks.More recently, he traveled from his home in New York City to Philadelphia for the Nov. 14 Penn Praxis presentation on how to develop the Delaware riverfront. That came eight days after Nutter was elected mayor.
Altman said he had been reading up on Nutter.“I got caught up in the energy of it all and felt very proud as a Philadelphian,” Altman said. “I really walked away feeling like: How do I be a part of this? It sounds corny but it’s actually true.”