Milton Street is Running For Mayor

And they said there wouldn't be a mayor's race.

Milton Street is officially running for mayor.

T. Milton Street Sr.

The former state senator – released from prison in November after serving 26 months for failing to file federal tax returns for three years – just filed 2,600 signatures in his official nominating petitions to run for office. He is the brother of former Mayor John Street.

Street personally brought in the signatures, but had some extra paperwork to do because he had not sequentially numbered the papers or signed his financial disclosure form. As he signed it, he asked, “Do you want me to sign that Thomas Milton Street or Mayor Street?”

Street’s last shot at elected office came in 2007, when he finished 17th out of 19 candidates in a failed Democratic primary bid for a City Council at-large seat. He got 10,468 votes.

During that campaign, Street carted a coffin to City Hall to dramatize the number of homicides in Philadelphia. With organ music playing, Street draped himself over the coffin while singing the hymn, "If I Can Help Somebody."