Mayor Nutter Endorses Dan McElhatton For District Attorney

Dan McElhatton just released on his campaign web site an audio clip of Mayor Nutter endorsing him for Tuesday's Democratic primary election for District Attorney.  You can hear the clip here.  Or you can just wait for your phone to start ringing with the inevitable robo-calls from the McElhatton campaign.

Here's the transcript:  "Hi, this is Mayor Mike Nutter. On Election Day join me in voting for Dan McElhatton for District Attorney. I served with Dan on City Council and I know he has the experience, independence and toughness we need in our next D.A.. Dan McElhatton is getting my vote because our city needs a D.A. who's ready on day one. That person is Dan McElhatton."

Dan McElhatton

McElhatton faces Seth Williams, Michael Turner, Brian Grady and Dan McCaffery in the primary to replace District Attorney Lynne Abraham.  The winner will face in November's general election Republican Michael Untermeyer, who is running unopposed in his primary on Tuesday.

McElhatton is clearly pleased to have Nutter's public support.  But PhillyClout can't help noticing that Nutter's endorsement last week of City Controller Alan Butkovitz was done in a much more high-profile way.  Reporters were called to City Hall, where Nutter spoke with Butkovitz while standing in front of the Mayor's Office.