Friday's DN: The feds take a broom to Traffic Court

Nine Philadelphia Traffic Court judges, the court's former top administrator and two businessmen are charged in a sweeping indictment of what federal investigators called a "culture of ticket-fixing."  One familiar name that popped up in the probe:  Jimmy Tayoun.  Ronnie Polaneczky reads the indictment and considers a few key points.

Gov. Corbett was already having a bad week: His poll numbers look weak, his fellow Republicans in the legislature don't back all of his plans.  Now this:  His son-in-law, a Philadelphia cop, was reportedly caught in a sting operation Thursday taking money from a car he thought was impounded in a drug case.

And former Philadelphia Housing Authority chief Carl Greene's lawsuit against the agency is turning into a contentious grudge match between him and his old boss, former Mayor John Street.