State Rep.: Press 2 For The Insurance Industry, Press 3 For Local 98

Voters in the Center City's 182nd legislative district started receiving automated telephone calls today from the campaign of State Rep. Babette Josephs, asking them to identify which candidate they are supporting in the April 22 Democratic primary election.

"Press one for Rep. Babette Josephs, press two for insurance industry representative Peggy Banaszek, press three for electrician Bobby Gormley or press four if you're undecided," an automated voice instructs.

State Rep. Babette Josephs

"I think we're talking about them as they define themselves," Josephs' campaign manager, Susan Gobreski, said of the two challengers.

Banaszek's web site identifies her as "an effective project manager in Medicare and health insurance industries."  Gormley is on the examining board of the politically-active International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 98.

Gobreski said the calls are being used to check the accuracy of the campaign's voter list and to identify supporters.