FOP to Withdraw Endorsement of David Oh

Looks like the political fallout is beginning over the controversy surrounding City Council candidate David Oh's military record.

Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby tells PhillyClout that he has put a motion before the union's board of directors to withdraw their endorsement of Republican at-large City Council candidate Oh, who has spent the past several days struggling with a Daily News report that he overstated his military credentials.

McNesby said in the email that he expects the motion will be approved. In Friday's paper, PhillyClout reported that Oh, who is a frontrunner to win a GOP at-large Council seat, was not a Special Forces officer and/or a Green Beret, which he has claimed in campaign materials going back to 2003.

Today, Oh issued an apology and said he would "offer to return any contributions and release any endorsements from those who supported me."

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