Ethics Board Member Re-Confirmed

An Ethics Board member whose re-appointment was stalled by City Council last month got a second chance today.

Kenya Mann Faulkner, a partner at Ballard Spahr, was confirmed for a second term through a charter provision which approves board nominations after 90 days if Council has not acted, said Ethics Board Executive Director Shane Creamer.

Anthony Radwanski, a spokesman for Council President Anna Verna, affirmed that Mann Faulkner's nomination was approved through inaction.

The five-member Ethics Board oversees city campaign finance laws. During Mann Faulkner’s confirmation hearing, Council members criticized the board for employing “gotcha” tactics on elected officials, saying that often rules weren’t properly explained. A vote on her reappointment was then tabled.

Creamer said the board was glad Mann Faulkner would return.

“We’re pleased that she’ll continue to serve with the board at least until Nov 2013,” Creamer said.