CouncilWatch: Week 3

Even before we did our weekly summer check-in, PhillyClout saw a lot of Council members in the building this week, because the nine members huddled Wednesday to discuss how to handle a recent cost-of-living raise they received on June 30.

Of course, we didn’t get much quality time together because they met behind closed doors, despite the fact that a quorum of members were present. So yesterday we went door to door for the third week in a row both to see who was in the building and to give members an opportunity to talk about their work.

We confirmed that in City Hall yesterday were W. Wilson Goode Jr., Jim Kenney, Curtis Jones Jr., Jack Kelly, Bill Green, Janie Blackwell and Bill Greenlee.

Blondell Reynolds Brown reached out to us by phone from outside the building, as did Brian O’Neill who was out in Denver, CO. for a National League of Cities meeting.

Joan Krajewski, Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, Marion Tasco, Frank Rizzo, Frank DiCicco, Janie Blackwell, Darrell Clarke, Donna Reed Miller and Anna Verna were not in their offices when we stopped by.

Here’s what some of the members told us they were working on.:

W. Wilson Goode Jr. was in his office, working on “enforcement legislation” for a minimum wage bill that was passed by Council last year and went into effect last week.

Jim Kenney was in his office, drafting legislation that will add requirements on rental housing licenses.

Curtis Jones Jr. was in his office preparing for a meeting with a national group that works for cost-effective ways to divert people with drug, mental health or other issues from criminal proceedings to community courts.

Janie Blackwell was gearing up for a Health fair for the homeless on Dilworth Plaza today.

Jack Kelly said he’s working on a number of pieces of legislation over the summer, including continuing his effort to make Philadelphia a no-kill city at animal shelters.

Blondell Reynolds Brown told us she’s working on plans for a children’s walk/run next year to push back against childhood obesity and to celebrate Earth Day.

Brian O’Neill said he was preparing for meetings at the National League of Cities session, and was looking forward to a speech by the White House Director of Urban Affairs Aldolfo Carrion.