Council Candidate Calls For City To Be 'Less Weird'

Jeff Hornstein, one of the four Democrats seeking to replace City Councilman Frank DiCicco in the 1st District, decided to draw attention to his campaign today by cracking wise on the City of Brotherly Love.  Hornstein issued a news release touting his plan to "Make Philly less weird" when it comes to taxes. 

The plan, dubbed "Investing in Philadelphia," is aimed at the city's tax structure, pension problems and use of vacant land.  You can read the plan here.

We asked Hornstein, Brooklyn-born and raised in Matawan, NJ, about the political viability of calling Philly weird.  He said we shouldn't get "hung up on the word" and said there are many weird aspects of Philadelphia -- the guy can seriously talk local theater -- that the city does and should embrace.

If you're one of those Nobody-talks-trash-about-Philly-except-us types, take it easy on Hornstein next time you run into him.  He's healing a ruptured tendon in his knee after taking a tumble off a South Philly stoop while campaigning.