Could a PhilAid Concert Come Our Way?

Mayor Nutter says there has been some talk in the administration about holding a FarmAid style concert to raise money for the city.

"I was in a conversation where it was suggested that there are tons of stars, some from Philly, some might come to Philadelphia," Nutter said today. "It entails a whole lot of work and effort and is not necessarily something you can build a budget around. Whatever you would generate would be a onetime thing."

Nutter stressed that this was all very preliminary, but said: "I'd be more than happy to have a followup discussion if folks are serious."

We asked if Nutter had a dream starring act, but he said he hadn't thought about it. What Philly act would you like to see -- Hall and Oates, the Hooters, Boyz II Men, Jill Scott, The Roots?

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