City creates website to inform public of potential PGW sale

Yellow pipes carry the natural gas (in vapor form) to begin the process of cleansing and liquifying the natural gas at the PGW plant on Venango St. in Port Richmond. ( Clem Murray / Staff Photographer )

Are you interested in following the potential sale of the Philadelphia Gas Works?

Well the Nutter administration and PGW have created a new website, where the public can learn how a sale would impact customers, employees and the business community. There would also be answers available for frequently asked questions, along with studies and media coverage of the issue.

The administration is in the process of hiring a broker who will oversee outreach to attract companies interested in bidding on PGW --the largest city-owned gas utility. A broker will be named in the coming weeks.

In a statement, Nutter said "we will sell PGW only if it makes sense for customers and taxpayers and if our most vulnerable citizens are protected."