City Council approves controversial Point Breeze affordable housing plan

City Council approved a controversial plan that will allow the Redevelopment Authority to acquire more than a dozen properties by eminent domain to build affordable housing in Point Breeze.

Developers called the plan sponsored by City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson on behalf of the Nutter administration a “land grab” but the city has argued it is simply trying to maintain affordable housing in an area ripe with development.
“The city has not figured out a way to maintain or build on houses it already owns,” said developer Ori Feibush, who made headlines months ago for a fight with the city over a vacant lot.
The number of properties slated to be condemned have dropped from 43 to 28 which includes 11 city-owned and 17 privately owned --a majority of which are tax delinquent.
“It’s about inclusion not exclusion,” Johnson said. The bill passed 14-0. Council members Bill Green, Marian Tasco and Brian O'Neill were absent.