Trivedi 'considering' a third run for Congress

WASHINGTON -- Manan Trivedi, a Berks County Democrat who has twice run for Congress, is considering a third run in the wake of Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach’s announcement that he won’t seek re-election in his Chester County-based district.

“He is definitely considering this but he’s not made any decisions,” said Daren Berringer, a Trivedi political advisor. Berringer said Trivedi is discussing the possibility with his family and potential supporters and donors.

“Need to have a big discussion with my wife tonight. Bought these in advance,” Trivedi wrote on Twitter Monday night, alongside a photo of roses, after Gerlach’s announcement.

Trivedi, of Berks County, is a doctor who served in Iraq with the Navy. He ran against Gerlach in 2010 and 2012 – losing 57-43 each time – but Berringer argued that a third time could be different with Gerlach, a six-term incumbent with strong name recognition, out of the race.

“Now the playing field is even,” Berringer said. “Manan has had two races to build up his name recognition.”

Trivedi has not been in touch with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, though, the national Democratic arm for House races. The DCCC is likely to get behind Michael D. Parrish, a former Army aviator from Malvern who now leads a West Chester-based energy company. Parrish, a former Republican, has filed to run as a Democrat in the district and is likely to formally announce his intentions soon.

Parrish has a Web site he is sharing with potential donors and has raised $100,000 in roughly two weeks of work, said Patrick Murphy, a former Bucks County Democratic Congressman who knows Parrish from their mutual military ties.

The Chester County-based district, which includes portions of Berks, Montgomery and Lebanon counties, is a moderate one Democrats have targeted in the past, but Gerlach was considered a solid favorite to win given his long history there. His decision not to run has thrown the race wide open.

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