Can you help these student reporters?

UPDATE, 2:30 p.m.: Looks like La Salle University's student journalists will be heading to L.A. to cover the Explorers in the Sweet Sixteen. They have surpased their fundraising goal.

The students have raised $5,990 from 154 people, according to their fundraising site.


Members of La Salle University's student newspaper and television staff drove to Dayton and Kansas City to cover the school's exciting basketball wins in the NCAA tournament.

Now, they want to go to Los Angeles to cover the Explorers in the Sweet Sixteen, but they need help - monetary help, that is.

The reporters are trying to raise $5,000 through an online fundraising site  and are spreading the word through social media.

According to the site, they've raised $1,995 so far, including donations from 49 people in 12 hours.