Weedman Upset His Trial Is Postponed

Ed Forchion AKA NJ Weedman

The man who calls himself NJ Weedman is upset that his April 10 trial and planned courtroom spectacle has been delayed by  court officials.  

Ed Forchion, a nationally-known marijuana activist, traveled cross-country in a hippie van last month to get here in time for the start of his drug trial.  He says he never got official word of the delay.

Along the way, he had begged people via Twitter and You-Tube  to send donations for gas so he could get to court in Mount Holly.  He wants to regale the jury with arguments that marijuana laws should be decriminalized. 

"I'm so broke I wanted this case over so I could restart my life!" he told me in a message via Twitter after learning of the delay on Thursday.  His Twitter name is NJweedman. (watch the capitals.)   

Forchion, who operated a popular medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles the past 4 years, rolled into New Jersey on March 30 ready and eager to face trial on charges he possessed marijuana.  He said that he didn't want authorities to issue a search warrant for him and has never missed a court date. 

His dispensary was shut down in December but he wants to return to California after the trial - if he wins.  The prosecutor's office isn't commenting on the case.    

During his journey, he tweeted about his stops, inviting potheads in the area to meet up with him to smoke some dope with him.  He tweeted that he was "outta gas in Eagle, Colorado" and asked that money be deposited into a bank account he had set up for donations.  Someone gave him $100 and he motored on.

Later, he tweeted that the police harrassed him in one state.  A few days later, he proudly announced: "The most important marijuana case/trial is set to begin on April 10." 

He urged supporters to "occupy his courtroom" and posted a picture of himself standing in a courtroom surrounded by marijuana plants.   

But now, he must bide his time.  

"I'm disappointed, mad and stuck in jersey now for awhile!" he wrote in an e-mail.