New Sledding Hill Takes Off

Cinnaminson's new man-made sledding hill was christened this weekend when winter finally arrived.  We got a mere two-inch blast of snow, but that didn't stop kids from trekking to the hill with saucers and sleds. 

In the past, the kids sledded at a cemetery hill (until a mauseleum was built), "Suicide" hill at the Riverton golf course, and a slope behind an elementary school that tried to put a stop to it due to liabilities. 

On the new hill, some kids got enough speed to do a complete flip, while others slid far across the barren soccer fields after their descent.  I captured some of their antics and wished I had brought a sled despite the muddy patches.

The township created the hill last summer with soil collected from an excavation project.  The hill, molded by the Public Works Department, is at the far end of Memorial Park off Lenola Road.  Workers laid sod and kept it irrigated through the fall. 

Unlike last year, there have been few flakes this winter.  People wondered if the hill was a jinx or a boondoggle.  But then the white stuff came.  And so did scores of happy kids.