Saturday, May 23, 2015

Moorestown's Ugly Town Hall Comes Crashing Down

Moorestown's Town Hall, an ugly bunker, is razed, years after a fire destroyed the inside. Officials plan to rebuild on-site.

Moorestown's Ugly Town Hall Comes Crashing Down

Moorestown's Town Hall, an ugly concrete bunker, is finally being dismantled.  Years after a fire destroyed the inside, a demolition crew this week began knocking down the stained block walls that for many years housed the municipal offices, court and police department.  

 Deafening heavy machinery pounded the red steel beams and left behind a twisted pile of smoking debris.   Spectators came to gawk.  The demolition is expected to continue several more days. 

Four years ago, a fire broke out in a storage area of the second floor of the building, which was built in the '70s.  The interior was severely damaged.  Left standing was the seemingly indestructible hulking shell.  After that, municipal offices were relocated in scattered rented spaces in industrial parks. Read about the town's long bitter debate over a replacement building here:   

Town officials now say they will rebuild the town hall on-site, just off Second and Church Streets.  The details of the multi-million project are still being finalized.  Town Manager Tom Merchel said the municipal offices and court will be inside one building, but the police department will be separate.   The library, another block structure that sits across the parking lot, will also meet the wrecker as part of Phase 2.   

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