Moorestown Mall May Need A Drink After Facing A Big Legal Hassle

Beer bottles at the Flying Fish Brewing Co.

Moorestown Mall, which wants to serve alcohol at restaurants it plans to open in its dying shopping center, may need a drink now that it has a big legal hassle. 

William E. Cox, a Moorestonian and Center City lawyer, is suing the town to block a ballot question that would allow the dry community to become wet. 

The suit has something to do with the "trains, airplanes and boats" language in the question, and the fact that a similar question (minus the mention of choo choos and all that) was posed to voters only 4 years ago.  State law says you must wait 5 years, apparently because the issue frays everyone's nerves.   

The Mall, and its supporters, insist the question is different enough to escape the 5-year rule. 

Ocean City also planned to put a liquor question on the ballot in November despite heavy opposition. The question was withdrawn last month due to a legal problem of its own.  

The lack of wetness, Cox says, gives the town a "special character, a uniqueness" that other communities lack.  Or do they?