Halloween Weddings

The offer went out with a bit of intrigue - you could get a free wedding if you wanted to tie the knot in a place known for hangings and hauntings. 

But no one raised a bony hand.   Marrying in the historic Mount Holly Jail may simply be too creepy.   

It was the second year in a row that Burlington County Clerk Tim Tyler announced he would officiate weddings in the jail, which holds haunted tours during the Halloween season.   Built in 1811, the jail was the site of several hangings.  Read about it here: http://www.prisonmuseum.net/

Last year was no different.  There were no takers. 

But Burlco Surrogate George Kotch has mastered the art of marrying folks.  He says he's performed 750 ceremonies, including a few on Halloween.  Last year, he said he married six couples at his office in Mount Holly, a place where wills are probated.  Some couples showed up in costume, including the lovebirds who donned a silvery costume that looked like they had just stepped out of the the Broadway musical, Cats. 

This year, he's been busy running for reelection in a difficult race in which he is fending off accusations that he sexually harrassed and/or assaulted a female law office client and a female employee.  He settled with both out of court, but says he paid them to avoid the cost and headache of going through with a trial.  Read about the race here: http://bit.ly/sdIHDY

At the Halloween weddings, Kotch officiated in costume.  "I was dressed as Uncle Sam," he said.  It's an outfit he wears when he marches in the Riverton Fourth of July parade, he explained.