It's not a Hallmark holiday, but make no mistake, today is International "Talk Like A Pirate Day."  

People are dying their beards black, plastering patches over their eyes and saying stuff like 'Ahoy Ye Hearty' in a throaty voice.

You haven't noticed?  Wellll, shiver me timbers!  Arrrrrrrrrr.  The world needs this.         

It started as a lark in 1995, gained momentum when a syndicated columnist explored the notion while lambasting Bush, and became an Internet sensation.  The Talk Like A Pirate website now has a geographical map locating the parties, matey.

Bars are offering discounts to patrons with peg legs and libraries are holding pirate story hours. 

Yesterday, Philly staged a full-fledged pirate fight with tall ships, canon fire, and craziness in the Delaware, a waterway once travelled by pirates.  The timing could not have been coincidental.

Tonight, Burlington City is daring to hold a Blackbeard look-alike contest.  Organizer Donna Boone says the business community launched its first-ever pirate week this year to capitalize on the popular theme. 

"We're looking for ways to bring people into the community... everybody loves pirates," she said. 

A local has been spotted with a pitch black beard that doesn't match his light brown hair, she said, giggling.  The rest of the week, the city will host a slew of old pirate movies, a rum tasting, a trivia night, a pirate play and a costume ball.  Dancing with a peg leg may be just the sight to see, ye land lubbers.