Doylestown stabbing suspect to be arraigned Thursday

The 21-year old accused of repeatedly stabbing an older homeless man in Doylestown last week will face arraignment on Thursday, according to the District Attorney's Office, after being transported from Baltimore, Md. to Bucks County.

Dale Michael Wakefield is being charged with first-degree murder after the man he stabbed, George Mohr, 71, died from his injuries on Monday.

Wakefield, authorities say, beat Mohr and stabbed him several times in the chest, arms, hands and back last week. Mohr was found dead on South Clinton Street in Doylestown around 2:40 a.m. last Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Investigators have not said what prompted the attack. Wakefield had celebrated his 21st birthday before the attack, police said.

The exact time of Thursday's arraignment was unknown, the District Attorney's Office said.