Some Stat Chips on this Kelly Fellow

When it comes to statistics for college football and the NFL, it’s like comparing apples and carburetors. So we hope you take the following with a grain of salt and consider the intent we bring, which is just having some fun with numbers after a long and arduous search ... and if something revealing jumps out at you, well, then, run with it.

First off (and thanks to Ed Barkowitz for pointing this out in his 10 things to know about Chip Kelly), we have to point out the Kelly went to the same high school — Manchester (N.H.) Central High School — as Adam Sandler.

Whether that is good or bad is up for you to decide, we just wanted to get it out of the way first.

Now, for some numbers:

♦ In his four years at the help, Chip Kelly’s Oregon squads went 46-7 and outscored their opponents by more than a 2:1 margin (2370 to 1178). The average score of their games was 44 to 22.

♦ At least at the NCAA level, Kelly was a bit of a gambler. His Ducks went for it on fourth down 118 times (71 successes) over the four years. Now, of course, he was ahead, way ahead in some cases, for most of those, but 118 is one more fourth-down attempt than the Eagles have had in all games (regular season and postseason) since the beginning of the 2005 season.

♦ The Ducks rang up the scoreboard to the tune of 50 or more points 18 times in the last four seasons. That includes seven 60+ games and a pair of 70+ games. They popped New Mexico, 72-0, in the 2010 opener.

♦ Kelly had his success with three different main starting quarterbacks over his four seasons there. Take a little something out of petty cash if you can name Jeremiah Masoli, Darron Thomas and Marcus Mariota.

♦ In those 53 games, the Ducks gained nearly 60 percent of their offense on the ground. They rushed for 15,020 yards (that is 8.53 miles, by the way; or 13.73 kilometers) and had 10,698 net passing yards. (The NCAA does not include yards loss due to sacks in their net passing total, but since we’re comparing these numbers with an NFL team — and the blog is called BoopStats and not NCAAStats — we do.)

By contrast, the Eagles played 66 games (including postseason over the last four seasons) and rushed for 8,249 yards and passed for 16,450.

♦ Oregon every year under Chip Kelly had a plus turnover differential, and if grew with every season (+2, +3, +9 and +21). The Eagles ... well, never mind.

♦ And we end with a cheap shot ...

Span covering Andy Reid’s last seven losses: 50 days ...
Span covering Chip Kelly’s last seven losses: 1,172 days.

Now, as someone on twitter pointed out, Andy didn’t play against some real bad Pac-12 defenses. My response:

No, he didn’t have to face them ... He had his own!!!!