Single Digits (April 14)

A half-dozen quick stats that caught our attention recently -- 

♦ The Flyers and Rangers have met six times in best-of-7 playoff series. The winner eventually advanced to Stanley Cup finals five of those times.

♦ Chase Utley’s batting averages (.500) is higher than all but one current Sixer’s field-goal percentage (.593 by Jarvis Varnado).

♦ Utley has hit in all 10 games in which he has appeared this season. It is an inexact science, but we think that the Phillies’ longest hit streak to start a season is 16 games by Willie Jones in 1950.

♦ The Phillies lead the NL in walks (49). The last time they finished the season there was 2005-06-07.

♦ Through six games, Phillies home attendance is down 50,610 from 2013.

♦ Union (N.Y.) scored 12 goals during the Frozen Four at the Wells Fargo Center. The other three teams combined for 11 goals.