Phillies' First Hits

Phillies rookie infielder Freddy Galvis finally got his first major league hit — in his 15th plate appearance — in Monday’s home opener against the Marlins.

Here’s how long it took some selected players who debuted in the big leagues with the Phillies to break through, what their first safety was and off whom.

Player PA Hit Date Opposing Pitcher
Dick Allen   3rd Double Sept. 3, 1963 Denny Lemaster, Braves
Rich Ashburn   2nd Single April 20, 1948 Johnny Sain, Braves
Bob Boone   5th Single Sept. 12, 1972 Jim McAndrew, Mets
Larry Bowa   6th Single April 9, 1970 Ken Holtzman, Cubs
Pat Burrell   3rd Single May 24, 2000 Octavio Dotel, Astros
Don Carman 54th Single May 16, 1987 Storm Davis, Padres
Chris Coste 15th Single June 16, 2006 James Shields, Rays
Darren Daulton   4th Single Oct. 1, 1983 Cecilio Giante, Pirates
Del Ennis  N/A Single April 30, 1946 Ken Gables, Pirates
Freddy Galvis 15th Double April 9, 2012 Anibal Sanchez, Marlins
Cole Hamels 17th Single July 17, 2006 Woody Williams, Padres
Dave Hollins   1st Single April 12, 1990 Jose Nunez, Cubs
Ryan Howard 2nd Single Sept. 6, 2004 Travis Smith, Braves
Chuck Klein  N/A Single July 31, 1928 Pete Alexander, Cardinals
Mike Lieberthal   2nd   Single June 30, 1994 Pedro Astacio, Dodgers
Greg Luzinski   4th Single Sept. 11, 1970 Carl Morton, Expos
John Mayberry   2nd Home Run   May 23, 2009 Andy Pettitte, Yankees
Mickey Morandini    2nd Single Sept. 1, 1990 Greg Harris, Padres
Scott Rolen   2nd Double Aug. 1, 1996 Donovan Osborne, Cardinals  
Jimmy Rollins   2nd Triple Sept. 17, 2000   Chuck Smith, Marlins
Carlos Ruiz   4th Single May 9, 2006 Pedro Martinez, Mets
Juan Samuel   2nd Triple Aug. 24, 1983 Mark Davis, Padres
Mike Schmidt   2nd Single Sept. 12, 1972 Jim McAndrew, Mets
Chris Short 46th Single June 28, 1961 Dick LeMay, Giants
Lonnie Smith 24th Double Sept. 20, 1979 Jim Rooker, Pirates
Chase Utley   3rd Home Run April 24, 2003 Aaron Cook, Rockies
Bobby Wine   5th Single Sept. 23, 1960 Bob Purkey, Reds