One (Inning) Is Not Enough

Ryan Howard (left) congratulates Jimmy Rollins (right) after Rollins scored in the third inning. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

Having the bats show up for just one inning — even a very good inning — is rarely enough to win in major league baseball.

The Phillies proved that last night when the lead they were staked to during a four-run third inning was teetering all night and went "tilt" on a Ryan Zimmerman walk-off grand slam in the ninth inning.

During the Phillies' third inning, they went 5-for-6 with runners in scoring position (yet only scored four runs) and actually had only one batter put out; the other two outs were on runners already on base.

A look at the Phils' offense during that inning as compared to the other eight the umpires insisted they had to play:

        Third Inn.     Other Inns.
Batters 9 27
Pitches 23 107
H-AB 7-9 1-24
   Batting Avg. .778 .042
Walks 0 3
   OBA .778 .111
Batters Put Out 1 21
Runners Put Out     2 3
Total Bases 9 2
   Doubles 2 1
   Triples 1 0
Slugging Pct. 1.000 .083
RISP 5-6 0-2