Vick's Preseason By The Numbers

We're not sure how your summer is going, but we're going to out on a limb and say you're having a better August than Michael Vick.

For all of what No. 7 had to contribute to the Eagles' first two preseason game, he probably should have just purchased a ticket.

Here's hoping that the next time he takes a real snap it really is for real (Sept. 9 in Cleveland) and the city is as excited for his return as they are for the Phillies' cutting the second wild-card team's lead to three games that day.

By the way, Monday night Vick played Gillette Stadium for two minutes, 23 seconds ... Saturday night, Bruce Springsteen played Gillette Stadium for three hours, 19 minutes ... That's 83 1/2 times longer.

Here are just some of Vick's preseason numbers so far:

 Games  2 
 X-Rays  2 
 Series Played  4 
 Total Plays  12 
 Plays That Gained Yards     6 
 Elapsed Time on Field  4:55 
 Eagles Net Yards  12 
 Eagles First Downs  1 
 Eagles Rushing  4-11 
 Vick Rushing  1-5 
 Vick Passing      4-for-7 
 Vick Sacked  1-7