Hartnell: Three, Naturally

Hats line the ice after Hartnell's hat trick Sunday (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Scott Hartnell Sunday registered a "natural" hat trick, three goals in a row in the same game with no scoring in between by either team. It was the 19th natural hat trick in Flyers history, the 14th in the regular season. The list is below (p: Power Play goal; s: Shorthanded goal).

Notable: Hartnell joins John LeClair and Brian Propp with two naturals, second on the club behind the seven put up by Tim Kerr ... Two of Kerr's were playoff games. One of those (April 13, 1985) included a fourth consecutive goal, on the power play, 18:22 of the third period ... The Flyers recorded five naturals during the calendar year of 1985 ... They've also gone nearly a full decade without one (1998-2008). 

Date Player Opponent 1st 2nd 3rd
March 6, 1971 Gary Dornoefer Golden Seals 2nd-10:07 3rd-0:26 3rd-1:11
Jan. 21, 1973 Bill Flett at Sabres 1st-2:58 1st-11:40 2nd-19:07
April 11, 1974 Rick MacLeish Flames 2nd-3:26 2nd-6:20 2nd-18:26
April 22, 1981 Brian Propp Flames 1st-4:39 1st-9:06 (s) 1st-12:48
Oct. 25, 1984 Tim Kerr Blues 3rd-12:22 3rd-12:45 3rd-14:49
Jan. 17, 1985 Tim Kerr Red Wings 1st-6:43 (p) 1st-17:15 2nd-2:11
Feb. 9, 1985 Tim Kerr at Capitals 1st-15:02 2nd-7:12 (p) 3rd-11:51
April 13, 1985 Tim Kerr at Rangers 2nd-10:06 (p) 2nd-14:58 2nd-16:42 (p)
April 21, 1985 Brian Propp Islanders 1st-11:05 (p) 1st-19:41 2nd-15:47
Nov. 9, 1985 Tim Kerr Bruins 2nd-1:20 2nd-14:28 3rd-14:08 (p)
March 26, 1988 Tim Kerr Jets 1st-13:23 (p) 2nd-11:12 (p) 2nd-15:56
April 19, 1989 Tim Kerr at Penguins 1st-6:50 (p) 1st-12:09 1st-18:13 (p)
Feb. 15, 1994 Mikael Renberg at Sharks 3rd-2:43 3rd-9:19 3rd-14:10
March 31, 1996 John LeClair Penguins 1st-11:13 (p) 3rd-0:27 3rd-6:17
Oct. 16, 1998 John LeClair at Lightning 2nd-0:44 2nd-4:08 3rd-12:54 (p)
Jan. 10, 2008 Scott Hartnell at Rangers 2nd-10:42 3rd-1:54 (p) 3rd-8:49
Feb. 2, 2008 Mike Knuble Ducks 2nd-5:46 2nd-19:50 (p) 3rd-5:57
Dec. 30, 2009 Simon Gagne at Rangers 2nd-0:23 2nd-14:41 (p) 3rd-11:30
Jan. 22, 2012 Scott Hartnell Bruins 2nd-3:23 (p) 2nd-7:25 2nd-19:13 (p)