Broncos Bustin' Out

Maybe Ronnie Hillman's one-yard fourth-quarter touchdown run looked like just icing on the cake Monday night — if you were still even watching at that point — but it put this Broncos team in some rarified air.

Peyton's Boys become the fourth team in NFL history to score at least 37 points in their first three games. And whom were the three teams they joined?

How about the 1967 Baltimore Colts, who finished 11-1-2, but lost out on a tie-breaker (head-to-head point differential) to the 11-1-2 Los Angeles Rams for the Coastal Division title and didn't even make the playoffs.

How about the 2000 St. Louis Rams, who were rolling along at 6-0 (with 37+ points in each) before suffering a loss and an injury to Kurt Warner against the Chiefs. Warner missed five games and returned, but they dropped a wild-card playoff game to the Saints at New Orleans.

And how about those 2007 New England Patriots, who became the first (and so far, only) team to go through a 16-game regular season undefeated. They finally suffered a loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl.

Those teams game-by-game results (postseason games in bold):

 2013 BRONCOS (3-0)        1967 COLTS (11-1-2)
 Ravens  W 49-27  Falcons  W 38-31
 @Giants  W 41-23  @Eagles  W 38-6
 Raiders  W 37-21  49ers  W 41-7
 Eagles    @Bears  W 24-3
 @Cowboys    Rams  T  24-24
 Jaguars    @Vikings  T  20-20
 @Colts    @Redskins  W 17-13
 Redskins    Packers  W 13-10
 @Chargers    @Falcons  W 49-7
 Chiefs    Lions  W 41-7
 @Patriots    @49ers  W 26-9
 @Chiefs    Cowboys  W 23-17
 Titans    Saints  W 30-10
 Chargers    @Rams  L  10-34
 2000 RAMS (10-6)     2007 PATRIOTS (16-0)
 Broncos  W 41-36  @Jets  W 38-14
 @Seahawks  W 37-34  Chargers  W 38-14
 49ers  W 41-24  Bills  W 38-7
 @Falcons  W 41-20  @Bengals  W 34-13
 Chargers  W 57-31  Browns  W 34-17
 Falcons  W 45-29  @Cowboys  W 48-27
 @Chiefs  L  34-54  @Dolphins  W 49-28
 @49ers  W 34-24  Redskins  W 52-7
 Panthers  L  24-27  @Colts  W 24-20
 @Giants  W 38-24  @Bills  W 24-20
 Redskins  L  20-33  Eagles  W 31-28
 Saints  L  24-31  @Ravens  W 27-24
 @Panthers  L    3-16  Steelers  W 34-13
 Vikings  W 40-29  Jets  W 20-10
 @Buccaneers  L  35-38  Dolphins  W 28-7
 @Saints  W 26-21  @Giants  W 38-35
 @Saints  L  28-31  Jaguars  W 31-20
     Chargers  W 21-12
     vs. Giants  L  14-17