Runyan on McNabb

Matt Mosley of reported over the weekend that he was eating beer-battered biscuits when the caller ID on his phone showed an incoming call from free agent right tackle Jon Runyan, once and perhaps future employee of the Eagles.

The breakfast info slid Mosley, one of our favorite reporters, ever-so-slightly into Peter King territory (PK's weekly coffee report is not to be missed), but it was an interesting post, anyway.

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Runyan had been apparently reading some reports nationally that he was considering retirement and, wanting to dissuade teams around the league from believing it, tapped Mosley on the shoulder to issue his not-dead-yet proclamation.

"I'm playing next season," Runyan reportedly told Mosley. "I just don't know where it will be. But it will be with somebody."

There are conflicting reports on when Runyan will be able to resume football preparation following his January microfracture knee surgery. Locally, it was reported that May is a reasonable time he can get back on the field. Runyan told Mosley he was pointing more toward July training camps.

The Eagles are in a wait-and-see position. If they come out of the draft and free agent process with enough tackle depth to augment Stacy Andrews on the right side and (currently) nobody on the left side, then Jon will have to ply his trade elsewhere.

Runyan was also asked about Donovan McNabb's apparent desire for a contract extension, even though his deal has two more seasons remaining.

"I always thought if players sign a contract, they should go ahead and honor it," Runyan said.

All those seasons of protecting McNabb are over, I guess, at least verbally if not physically. It should be noted that McNabb has not come out and demanded a new deal in public, nor has he indicated, privately or otherwise, that he wouldn't honor the deal that is in place.

This is the speculation time of year, though, and it's always good to chew over the possibilities along with our breakfast biscuits.