Going Out On A Lidge

There is no denying that sticking with Brad Lidge as the closer is not the popular thing for Charlie Manuel to do, and neither is it an absolutely sure path to where the team wants to get.

I made the case in a column today that it is still the right way to go, at least until a better option is identified and until Lidge has every single chance to right himself.

Not everyone agrees, obviously, and that point of view may prove correct in the end.  But the part of the argument that is dead wrong is that Manuel is sticking with Lidge out of some sort of sentimentality regarding what happened in 2008.

The notion that Manuel, who has been in this game his whole life, is a dewy-eyed softie is dead wrong. He's not sticking with Lidge out of a misplaced, or overactive, loyalty, but because he also thinks Lidge is the best logical option. When that changes, Charlie will make the change, too. But he's not going to give away a chance at a repeat title because he doesn't want to hurt Brad Lidge's feelings. That is ludicrous.

Having noted all that, however, this article, from the fertile minds at phillygameday.com is really funny.