TEMPE, Ariz. -- As he walked through the locker room after practice yesterday, you wouldn't know that receiver Anquan Boldin is still dealing with the hamstring strain that kept him off the field last weekend against the Carolina Panthers.

"I'm not getting into the percentages, but I know I can play," Boldin said.

With Boldin -- whose 11 touchdown catches this season were third-most in the NFL -- on the field, the Eagles would not be able, theoretically, to give as much attention to Larry Fitzgerald as they would otherwise. They might not be able to dial up as many blitzes from the secondary. All that is, however, theoretical because hamstring injuries have a nasty habit of recurring.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he won't really know how limited Boldin might be until the game begins. With the roof closed in an already-warm University of Phoenix Stadium, Boldin may be able to keep the hamstring loose, but it doesn't take much to retweak it. Whisenhunt expects Bolding to be pedaling away on the stationary bike when the Cards' defense is on the field in order to stay loose.

It was an interesting contrast yesterday when the Cardinals came out for their mandatory podium interview sessions that were broadcast live on the NFL Network. While the Eagles did their usual thing, getting before the cameras in their sweats and standard post-practice gear, the Cards dressed up in suits and ties for the most part.

It had the feel of watching high school sophomores heading for their first prom, while the Eagles seemed like players who had been there, done that and were not overwhelmed by the circumstances. Are the Cards a little freaked out by the magnitude of the NFC Championship game? It felt that way.