Pa Dems' ad says Corbett 'fits in' corrupt Harrisburg

Pennsylvania Democrats are banging away at Gov. Corbett in a new web video ad that terms the Republican a failure on jobs who is too cozy with special interests and “fits right in” with the Harrisburg he promised to change.

“What’s Tom Corbett’s real record?” the ad’s voice over says.” Job growth’s dropped from seventh to 46th in the nation. Tax breaks for his donors. Perks, raises for staff. Playing politics. Failed policies. Tom Corbett hasn’t changed Harrisburg – he’s fit right in.”

The claim on the state’s job-growth ranking is from a comparison of a single month, May, between 2012 and this year in an Arizona State University study. Economists say that using a rolling year-to-year comparison is a more accurate gauge. By that measure, ASU says Pennsylvania added 32,000 jobs. Its growth rate of 0.6 percent is well below the national average of 1.6 percent, and ranks 45th in the nation. John Baer of the DN has a good primer here on the malleability of jobs numbers.

Corbett has stood firm against efforts to impose any state extraction tax on the fast-growing shale natural gas drilling industry; he and his wife, Susan, have received lavish gifts from corporate types who have donated to his campaign, and the governor did give raises to top employees late last year.